embody yoga by jessica clark
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embody yoga by jessica clark
embody: to give a tangible form to an idea, quality or feeling; to realize, manifest, express

What are you looking to embody?

Whether it’s strength or softness, inner peace or outward manifestation, each one of us requires a highly individualized experience at different stages of our journey & growth. Discover what it is your highest self is asking of you, while connecting to your body, mind & soul in profoundly life changing ways through Jessica's unique 8 limbed approach to yoga, combined with reiki energy healing, life coaching, & shamanic ceremonies. 


Transformation occurs where intuition meets intellect, science meets spirit, feminine meets masculine, where heaven meets Earth. Book a private session, workshop or retreat with Jessica today to experience your next transformation.





Connect to your highest self using not only asana, but ALL limbs of yoga, including yama & niyama. According to India's ancient science of yoga, all 8 limbs must be utilized for a fully embodied yoga practice, unobstructed by inner conflict and delusion. It is only by removing samskaras that we can connect to the original seed of consciousness, the Cosmos, Father Sky.



Grounding is an essential part of not only being a human being, but especially for any modern human being. Although we are so very blessed to live in a time of such easy flow of information & technology, we are still adapting to its effects. Grounding provides essential relief for the human body. mind & spirit, while allowing one to connect to our Mother Earth.



We all have the power to create our own reality. Allow Jessica to help you create yours by booking a private session, class or event.